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Third Book of Sin by Nicolette Allain

The 13 Shades of Sin series tells the story of a modern coven of witches who’ve accidentally summoned a pagan sex god. Each of them gets a wish. Each of them has a need. None of them are prepared for the consequences.

The Third Book of Sin contains three stories.

In Alpha Sin, Angela is tired of her husband Henry’s meekness. She wants a real man, and their gardener Carlos just isn’t cutting it anymore. When she hears about the successes the other witches are having with their own wishes, she decides to try and make her husband more of a real man… and gets more than she bargained for!

In Instrumental Sin, Marisol is a skilled musician, but she feels that her music lacks a certain something – a quality to inspire passion in those who listen to it. When she summons the Horned God to ask for the power to move others, they move in a direction she didn’t quite expect… as she discovers when playing her newest song for the rest of the band!

In Familial Sin, when Carol approaches the Horned God to help her brother and his wife conceive, the last thing she expects is to wake up in Oscar’s body. Overwhelmed by the powerful male sex-drive, can she control her urges long enough to give Jenny a child?

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